Now John’s Gone

The number of vacant seats on Ruddington Parish Council has risen to three – following the resignation this week of Flawford Ward Councillor, John Noble.

He told that his decision to leave was purely due to time constraints and him being able to give the council the dedication required. However his departure leaves the council with yet another post to fill – less than a week after no one came forward to contest empty seats in Easthorpe Ward and Manor Ward. Attempts will now be made to fill these by co-option.

John has become well known as a proactive Councillor but is also a familiar face around the village – both behind the bar at The Three Crowns, after taking over the management of the pub in 2013, and at Bar Six since 2014.

John explains: “The back end of 2017 a new venture being Gincident opened in Nottingham city centre – the first dedicated gin bar to hit the centre of Nottingham – and its uptake has been amazing. Being in the city and not on my door step it requires a lot more of my time, plus hopefully there will be more to come on this front. Also the planning for the 2018 Ruddfest will soon be getting underway as that starts on Thursday 31st May this year and – as we have seen – it has grown year on year, constantly needing us to evolve our offering on the Village Green. Both of these led me to the decision to step down from the council and also part with BarSix. Both myself and Lucy Would have lots of other things going on. We have thoroughly enjoyed the time running the bar and have some great memories from some fantastic nights. BarSix is now in the hands of Jack Robson who runs McArtney’s Catering.”

NCT’s Anthony Carver-Smith with RPC’s Allen Wood & John Noble launching the new Green 10 BioGas bus at RuddFest 2017

John continues: “During my time on the council I have had a great time working with the Events Team on the Christmas and Summer Fayres. These events have been a great success and enjoyed by the residents of Ruddington. This was the main objective I wished to achieve as a Parish Councillor – to give something back to the people of Ruddington. I wish the Parish Council events Team all the best in the future and look forward to attending these as a member of the public.”

He adds: “I would like to thank the rest of the Parish Councillors, the team in the office and the groundsmen. It’s been a pleasure working with you all and I hope they all have a fantastic & prosperous 2018!”

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