General Election 2019 – Our Candidates

In a UK General Election with an outcome that’s very difficult to predict, one thing is for certain: by the end of this week, Ruddington will have a new representative at Westminster!

Kenneth Clarke

Of course, that’s because “Father of the House” and Member of Parliament for Rushcliffe for the past 49 years, The Right Honourable Kenneth Clarke, has just retired at the age of 79. At the previous election on June 8th 2017 Mr Clarke secured 30,223 Conservative votes, with Labour in second place on 22,213 and the Lib Dems third with 2,759. The turnout two years’ ago was 58,477 (78.24%).

His departure leaves the way clear for a bunch of new prospective MPs pitching for your vote – although, for ‘tactical’ reasons, neither the Green Party nor the Brexit Party has fielded a candidate in the Rushcliffe Constituency.

So our five options, in alphabetical order, are:

  • Billin, Jason (Liberal Democrat)
  • Edwards, Ruth (Conservative)
  • Faithfull, Matthew (UKIP)
  • Kirby, John (Independent)
  • Pidgeon, Cheryl (Labour)

Most villagers have already received a forest of leaflets through our letterboxes explaining various candidates’ (and parties’) local, national and international policies and promises.

For those who’ve chosen to vote in person rather than by post, depending upon where in Ruddington you live, it will either be in St Peter’s Rooms (below) on Church Street (RUFL-1 to RUFL-1220 & RUMA-1 to RUMA-1731/1) or the Ruddington Village Hall (top photo) on Wilford Road (RUCA-1 to RUCA-1457/1 & RUEA-1 to RUEA-1321/3) – as stated on your Poll Card. Polling stations will be open on Thursday 12 December 2019 from 7am until 10pm.

Polling cards have been sent out to all eligible residents. However, in the event you have mislaid yours, don’t worry! You’re not actually required to show this card in order to cast your vote.

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