Ruddington Cycle Recycling!

Villagers are already getting into the Tour of Britain spirit – by saving a bike from the scrapheap that will now be turned into a colourful creation to celebrate this year’s race passing right through Ruddington.

As revealed on just over a month ago, competitors in the prestigious event will be racing via our village on Saturday September 8th. They’ll enter along Wilford Road before racing through High Street, turning left in to Kirk Lane and then right on to Loughborough Road to exit Ruddington towards Bradmore (see route map below). Rushcliffe Borough Council put out a call for residents and traders along the route to get involved in the celebration by decorating their houses, businesses or neighbourhood in a cycle theme to welcome the riders.

During the Nottinghamshire leg last year, villagers elsewhere painted scrap bicycles bright yellow to decorate the route. Inspired by this, Ruddington Parish Councillor Sue Matthews found a pedal cycle left out for scrap on a village street last week. It’s now set to have a new lease of life by being transformed into a brightly designed bike to be displayed in a prominent location when the race speeds through here.

Cllr Matthews said: “I walked past the bike and it had a sign on stating it was for scrap and anyone could take it. I thought how lucky, we can put it to good use when the Tour visits. We’re appealing now for anyone in and around Ruddington to donate their old bikes too – and they should email if they can do so.”

Sue (pictured top right) was joined by fellow Parish Councillors Annette Auckland, Jill Reedman and Paul Jill Reedman to begin thinking through how it might be decorated. Anyone who already has a yellow painted bike from previous events is also being asked to come forward if they’re willing to donate it to be displayed again.

Paul adds: “The Parish Council is keen to maximize the opportunity for the residents of Ruddington to enjoy a major, international sporting event which will be on our doorsteps, literally, as well as wanting to showcase our lovely village which will be seen, live, on TV sets throughout the Country as well as around Europe and further afield. To this end there will be a stall at the Ruddington Summer Fayre on Saturday 21st July where people can pick up more information and we will be hosting an informal Village Meeting at 7.30pm on Thursday 26th July at St Peter’s Rooms. We would love people to come to this meeting. Whilst the Parish Council has some ideas about what the village can do, what we want most are your ideas. Ideas as to how we can celebrate the race and the riders, ideas as to how we can make our village look bright, colourful and vibrant.”

Various businesses in Ruddington have already expressed an interest in becoming involved and a ‘Best Decorated Business’ competition is one idea mooted. “We are also keen on a ‘Best Decorated Home’ competition, particularly those along the route of the race” says Paul. “We are hoping to have barriers up along the High Street for safety reasons and it would be lovely to decorate these with balloons and bunting, preferably in bright yellow. YELLOW is the theme. If we are fortunate enough to obtain a few scrap bikes, we would like to spray paint them yellow too and have them dotted along the route throughout the Village. If you have a spray paint shop or similar facilities and would like to help, that would be great”.

Meantime, if you have any other ideas, you’re asked to contact the Ruddington Parish Council Office via the email, or call them on 0115 914 4660.

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