April Fun at the Framework Knitters’ Museum

Ruddington’s Framework Knitters’ Museum is stepping up its events programme around Easter to try to bring in the visitors this April.

The annual Knitted Bunny Hunt makes its return on Good Friday 14th April. The popular event takes place from 11am to 4pm, with FREE admission for all children bringing their own toy bunny or wearing an Easter bonnet.

Once again, the naughty knitted bunnies have hidden themselves in various rooms around the site and the museum needs eagle-eyed youngsters to help find their knitted pets. Any child who can help the framework knitters find all their knitted bunnies will be rewarded with an Easter Egg. The museum will also be toasting Hot Cross Buns on the cottage range, and the day will be filled with demonstrations and fun activities for children.

A framework knitter said: “We hope you can help us find our mischievous knitted bunnies, as they do like to hide and we have no time in our busy day to find them all! We have Easter Eggs aplenty for all our young friends who help us track them down. When you visit, we’ll also be happy to show you our Victorian knitting machines – and you’ll even have the chance to knit yourself a souvenir.”

The event takes place on Friday 14th April from 11am to 4pm, with refreshments available throughout the day. Admission fees are £5 for adults and £2 for children without a bunny or a bonnet. Note that adult admission fees now include an element of Gift Aid for UK tax-payers. In return, you’ll receive a unique Clocking-In Card, which entitles you to FREE admission to the museum for the next 12 months!

From Easter Sunday 16th April, the museum will start opening on Sundays between 1.00pm and 4.30pm, on top of the current times of Wednesday to Saturday, 11.00am to 4.30pm. And on Sunday 30th April, the museum will be taking part in BBC Radio Nottingham’s ‘Big Day Out’, with an earlier opening time of 11.00am. Entry to the museum will be FREE for everyone.

Finally, the fifth exhibition at the Chapel Gallery, which opened on 4th March, will continue until Saturday 27th May. Run in partnership with the Nottingham Society of Artists, the exhibition features the work of three popular local artists. These are Doreen Hunt, Richard Simkins and 94 year old WWII veteran and inventor of the ‘Nottingham Chair’, Nigel Corlett. It’s free to visit the Chapel Gallery, which is open at the same times as the main museum site.

Information and images courtesy of Faye Stenson at www.frameworkknittersmuseum.org.uk.

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