The ‘Walking Bus’ is Back

As the new academic year begins in Nottinghamshire, parents of children at Ruddington’s two schools are being reminded of a fun, healthy, safe and environmentally friendly way you can now get your kids to classes.

After over a year of planning, and a successful trial in June this year, it’s been announced Ruddington’s ‘Walking Bus’ between James Peacock Infant and Nursery School in Manor Park and St Peter’s C of E Junior School on Ashworth Avenue is here to stay. The daily ‘service’ will enable children, chaperoned by adults, to walk to their school along a set route – in much the same way a school bus might drive them there. Like a traditional bus, walking buses have not only a fixed route but also designated ‘bus stops’ and ‘pick up times’ at which they collect the youngsters.

Organiser Laura Ratcliffe of Ruddington Mums says: “Thanks to a bunch of amazing volunteers, and the support of both schools and Rushcliffe Borough Council, the Walking Bus Route 1 from James Peacock to St Peter’s is going ‘live’ as a permanent fixture. Please factor the walking bus into your kids travel plans. Looking forward to seeing lots of ‘high vis’ kids and adults walking the streets of Rudd very soon!”

From Tuesday 3rd September 2019 onwards it will run each morning to the following timetable:-

  • 8.20am – Ruddington Bus Drivers arrive ready to support anyone signing up on the day
  • 8.35am – Ruddington Bus leaves James Peacock School
  • 9.00am – Ruddington Bus arrives at St Peter’s School

If your child attends either Ruddington school you’re invited to get involved soonest by completing and submitting the dedicated information letter which you can download >>HERE<<. Pupils may ‘catch’ the bus every day, or just on certain days of the week, as required.

Laura Ratcliffe of Ruddington Mums

“Please ensure you have booked your child’s place” asks Laura. “We are booking a half term at a time to ensure volunteer availability. We understand that some may wish to walk with their children for the first week or two and, if you book on, you can walk with us or your child can join the bus when ready. We’re also looking for non-parent volunteers to help, if they can and they want to.”

Laura adds: “We have made generic packs for any other Rushcliffe school to use should they decide to look into a walking bus so that they have everything at their finger tips i.e. initial survey, PowerPoint presentation, school letters, etc, which will save them a great deal of work. These can be accessed by emailing the Rushcliffe Health Development Officer, Alex Julian, on”

From now on, Ruddington’s motorists are being asked to exercise extra care, consideration and patience if they encounter the new ‘Walking Bus’. The ‘journey’ of around 25 minutes will take it out via the Wilford Road end of Manor Park, across Wilford Road using the Puffin Crossing, along St John’s Road, down St Mary’s Crescent and into St Mary’s Park, out onto Ling Crescent, then via Packham Drive and Ashworth Avenue.

Meantime, parents can join the dedicated Ruddington Walking Bus Facebook Group to keep up-to-date with the latest news. If you’re not on Facebook, or you’d like to email. it’s

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