Waiting for Camelot!

Residents who, for years, have had to endure bone-shaking journeys up and down one of Ruddington’s worst roads finally have some good news!

A full highway resurface has been agreed for all of Camelot Street – also extending into Shelton Gardens, Camelot Crescent, Swanson Court, Woodhouse Gardens and Brookside Road – which will tie in with previous resurfacing work carried out on the rest of the estate over two years’ ago.

Team Manager Design (Maintenance) at Via East Midlands, Peter Topliss, explains: “The works were delayed for a couple of reasons. The scheme was originally intended to be a patch and micro asphalt resurfacing scheme similar to what was carried out on the rest of the estate, however, an inspection of the site determined that the road condition on Camelot Street was such that the proposed treatment wasn’t suitable and increased funding would be required to carry out a resurfacing scheme – which would also include addressing minor standing water issues. In addition, the development of the former lace factory was in progress and it was better for this to be complete, due to increased vehicle movements the site would generate which could have had a detrimental effect on any work carried out; and potential development works requiring excavation of the highway.”

Since then this badly potholed section of road has been patched several times – with hundreds of residents and workers on the estate risking damaged vehicle suspension and buckled bike wheels on a daily basis whenever a new crater appears! Even so, it didn’t prevent Nottinghamshire County Council painting brand new double-yellow lines on part of it last year – which will now have to be redone. COVID-19 then delayed Via East Midlands’ intended programme of repairs this Spring.

New parking restrictions added in September 2019

Now relief is at hand! The highly anticipated full resurfacing work is due to begin on Monday August 31st when the Via team will “…install a new gully opposite number 16 Camelot Street, install channel blocks to re-grade the carriageway channel outside properties 18 to 24 and replace damaged kerbs on the bend opposite Woodhouse Gardens. Then Tarmac will be onsite to carry out carriageway resurfacing from 26th to 30th September says Mr Topliss.

The provisional resurfacing schedule is as follows:

Saturday 26th September

  • 08.00hrs – 17.00hrs Plane 50mm and prepare iron work total area – soft closure (to allow traffic marshals to control traffic by hand with long periods up to 15 minutes on waiting on all stop).
  • 17.00hrs – 23.00hrs Preparing and adjusting iron work near bends – HARD CLOSURE

Sunday 27th September

  • 08.00hrs – 17.00hrs Plane additional 60mm depth on narrow section near Woodhouse Gardens to the access for the new estate off brookside Road – soft closure
  • 17.00hrs – 23.00hrs Lay binder and surface courses on narrow section near Woodhouse Gardens to the access for the new estate off Brookside Road – HARD CLOSURE
  • 17.00hrs – 23.00hrs Lay surface course on bend near Shelton Gardens – HARD CLOSURE

Monday 28th September

  • 09.00hrs (later start) – 17.00hrs Lay surface course on one side between bends – soft closure

Tuesday 29th September

  • 09.00hrs (later start) – 17.00hrs Lay surface course on one side between bends – soft closure

Wednesday 30th September

  • 09.00hrs (later start) – 17.00hrs Lay new road markings – soft closure – note the whole day should not be required for this element of the works.

Note that ‘soft closure’ indicates access will be available, albeit subject to delay, HARD CLOSURE means no access except in an emergency.

Mr Topliss adds: “The above work programme by Tarmac is yet to be confirmed but, when we have final confirmation, a letter will be delivered to all properties on and accessed by Camelot Street, normally at least two weeks before work is due to start.”

Resident Natalie Jane Gibson comments: “I will believe it when I see it” whilst Craig Sharp adds: “We’ve only been waiting for over 10 years!”  Karen Sharpe quips: “Camelot Street – twinned with the surface of the Moon.”

If the planned schedule changes nearer the time, we’ll let you know here at RUDDINGTON.info.

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