The Tour of Britain Countdown Continues!

With just two weeks to go until 120 of the world’s top riders pass through Ruddington during the penultimate stage of this year’s OVO Energy “Tour of Britain” cycle race, village preparations are well underway.

You can find the schedule, riders, route and special arrangements for the September 8th event in Ruddington >>HERE<<.

Rumour has it that the Framework Knitters’ Museum‘s “Big Knitted Scarf” (right – which will be draped along High Street) has now passed the 300 foot mark and is still growing! More volunteers to continue creating it on one of their vintage Griswold circular knitting machines are still being welcomed.

Paul Reedman of the Ruddington Parish Council Events Sub-committee told us: “Around 40 large, yellow, smiley face flags will be flown at 33 businesses in the village. There may be more yet. Most of the businesses are on the route through Wilford Road and the High Street although some are on Church Street, closest to the High Street where they will still have a visual impact. The vast majority will be placed in the Christmas tree holders on the walls outside, although a few will simply be in the window. Julie from the Black Cat Cafe has done a great job in contacting the local businesses and most of them are going to do a window display. We want to show Ruddington as the bright and happy village that it is.”

Following the earlier appeal, many bikes have been donated to be turned yellow for display alongside the route on the big day. Paul continues: “Initially we were going to paint them yellow but we are now going to wrap the bikes in yellow material. We want there to be a legacy from the race when it is gone and we have found a charity which will take unpainted bikes, renovate them and donate them to less well off families. I think that’s great.”

On Sunday 2nd September there will be a ‘make and take’ session with The Rudd Noise Group and Rushcliffe Play Forum at St Peter’s Rooms between 2pm and 6pm which will be led by Barbara Breakwell, supported by the Parish Council Events sub-committee. There they will be making the ‘Ruddyzelas’ (demonstrated by Barbara above!) and other things that children will be able to make and use during the race. It’s hoped people will make as much noise as possible as the race passes. To this end, The Ruddington Arms, Victoria Tavern, Red Lion and Frame Breakers pubs will all ring their ‘time’ bells as the cyclists go past to show their support.

All racegoers are encouraged to endorse the smiley face theme of Ruddington Parish Council and of villagers on the day by producing and carrying large posters or banners featuring yellow smiley faces. Residents on the route are also asked to consider decorating their frontage with a yellow/smiley theme. Barbara tells us there are some “freebies” available to do this by emailing her via

On the big day the Nara Belly Dancers will be entertaining racegoers in The Frame Breakers car park from 10.15am to 11.15am – and other activities around Ruddington are still being arranged. If you have any other ideas you can still contact the Ruddington Parish Council Office on the email, or call on 0115 914 4660. Also please send YOUR pictures via our social media for us to share.

Meantime here are a few more photographs of the village preparations so far – to get you into the mood for the Tour of Britain 2018 in Ruddington on September 8th!

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