Ruddington Wakes postponed

The annual event due to be held this week, from the 13th to the 16th July, has been postponed because of standing water and surface damage on Sellors’ Field.

Ruddington Parish Council, which manages the recreation ground, said it hopes The Wakes – a traditional, travelling funfair with amusements – can be rearranged for the end of August.

Clerk to the Council, Gary Long, has issued a statement explaining “Some work is being undertaken on the field to fill in and level out the dips in the goalmouths and some ruts in the field.  The work does not affect the whole field.   10 tonnes of soil will be deposited on the field on Wednesday and then spread out.   The exact timetable of the work is not completely fixed but it should be complete before the weekend (depending on weather).”

Meantime users of the field are asked to be “alert” and to take extra care whilst the work is underway (12th-15th July 2016).  The land was generously donated to the village by Frederick William Sellors and has an active covenant on it to be maintained in perpetuity as a recreation ground.


The new dates have been confirmed as Thursday 28th to Sunday 31st July – sooner than originally thought.  This is after work on the playing field was completed on schedule.  A new post will follow shortly but, meantime, there’s a link to discount vouchers HERE.

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