‘Ruddington Rhythm’ Rescued!

The organiser of a popular acoustic music night, which has been running in Ruddington for seven and a half years, has revealed a second change of village venue in just nine months.

In February this year there was delight among regular attendees when founder Ron McSweeney {pictured top left} announced he’d found another location for ‘Ruddington Rhythm’ which was prepared to host its monthly gatherings for free. This enabled entrance for musicians and audience members to be kept without charge, as has been the case since it launched as Ruddington Folk & Blues back in February 2016.

Ruddington Conservative Club hosted ‘Ruddington Rhythm’ seven times before pulling the plug

However, after just seven sessions at Ruddington Conservative Club, following a board meeting, Mr McSweeney was told the club could no longer provide the complimentary room due to “other commitments”. This meant this month’s planned session (September 21st) had to be cancelled – amid fears ‘Ruddington Rhythm’ would cease to be if yet another new venue could not be found.

After all other possibilities in our village were explored, Ron reports: “I have decided that we return to The Cottage!  This means payment for room hire, as they originally requested. Therefore there will be a charge of £2.50 per person”.

The good news is that this new admission fee will now include entry to the raffle, so it’s hoped people won’t be put off attending because of it.

The first date back at their original Easthorpe Street venue will be 19th October 8-11pm – and on the 3rd Thursday of each month thereafter.  Everyone’s welcome!

‘Ruddington Rhythm’ returns to The Cottage Hotel from this October

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