Ruddington Resurfacing To Resume

Residents and businesses along Camelot Street, Woodhouse Gardens, Marl Close and the Brookside Road estate can breathe a sigh of relief at the news their sole access road will only be left ‘in limbo’ for a couple of weeks – after resurfacing work was suddenly and rather dramatically suspended last Saturday.

Just hours into the long awaited scheme on Camelot Street, all road workers were pulled off the site “until further notice” with Shaun​ Faulkner of contractors Tarmac Highway Services, blaming a “lack of cooperation and abusive comments from the residents on the estate”. This caused dismay and disbelief from affected householders and businesses who’ve been waiting (literally) for YEARS for “Ruddington’s worst road” to be overhauled.

A meeting was held onsite this week between Tarmac and Via East Midlands to work out precisely what went wrong before setting any date to restart the work.

Drivers were refused any access along Camelot Street as soon as the work began

As previously reported, it seems the trouble began because motorists were being refused any access at a time when limited access was supposed to be possible – and site workers were not made aware it is the only way in and out by vehicle for hundreds of properties and numerous businesses. Very soon tempers started fraying and work was halted!

Meantime, with the road surface now removed along much of Camelot Street {top photo} drivers and cyclists are having to endure an even bumpier ride than before – with raised ironworks now added to the undulations!

Thankfully the wait has not been as long as some feared, with VIAEM revealing to that a NEW letter has already been sent out to all affected properties with a revised set of dates and restrictions. However, this time the work is scheduled from Monday to Friday rather than over a weekend.

VIAEM’s Maintenance & Developments Manager, Richard Osborne, says: “We will be starting on Monday 12th October for 5 nights with daytime working under temporary traffic lights. There will be NO vehicular access along Camelot Street during the periods 8pm to 3am. Noisy works such as the replacement of ironwork will take place during the daytime under the control of temporary traffic signals.”

Signs now warn of the ‘temporary road surface’ ahead

This time it seems contractors are determined no one will drive down the road at times they’re not supposed to – with Traffic Marshals being drafted in to enforce the closure! “If it is expected that you will need the use of your vehicle during these hours then it would be prudent if you parked your vehicle outside of the closure” says Mr Osborne. “A certain amount of minor noise may be generated with this operation such as engine noise of equipment and pneumatic excavation but we endeavour to keep this to a minimum. Noisy operations such as the breaking out of ironwork will be carried out in the daytime under temporary traffic signals.”

He adds: “We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, however we would also like to ask for your patience and co-operation whilst the works are in progress – and we would like to assure you that every effort will be made to keep the disruption to a minimum. If you have any special circumstances we should need to know about such as disabled access, health visits, deliveries/collections, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0115 804 3640 or by emailing”

During the works, residents along the roads actually being resurfaced (shown on the map below) are reminded not to park there! These are:

  • Camelot Street – for its entire length.
  • Brookside Road – for a distance of 60 metres from its junction with Camelot St.
  • Shelton Gardens – for a distance of 20 metres from its junction with Camelot St.
  • Camelot Crescent – for a distance of 20 metres from its junction with Camelot St.
  • Samson Court – for a distance of 20 metres from its junction with Camelot St.
  • Woodhouse Gardens – for a distance of 20 metres from its junction with Camelot St.
The long awaited resurfacing will now take place from Monday 12th to Saturday 17th October inclusive

Both villagers and contractors will be hoping things go just a little more smoothly this time around!

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