Petition For Safe Crossing Reaches 1.5K Signatures

A road safety campaign for a better crossing point for walkers, cyclists and horse riders on a busy dual carriageway between Ruddington and West Bridgford is attracting widespread support.

Paul Fenton’s online petition highlighting how dangerous it has become to cross the A52 trunk road between the Nottingham Knight and Wheatcroft roundabouts has so far attracted over 1,500 signatures. His focus is on the existing underpass opposite Wayte Court (pictured above and below) which many walkers from our village already use to get to Sharp Hill Wood and Nature Reserve. “That needs properly connecting to the existing bridleways and its condition improving to make it safe and pleasant for all users. We are also gathering evidence about the crossings on other sections of this road” he says.

The A52 underpass adjacent to Wayte Court.  {PHOTO: David R Thompson}

Mr Fenton continues: “People like to use the local bridleways and footpaths rather than walking on main roads, but have to cross the A52 to reach the countryside. This means taking their lives into their hands walking along a verge with their backs to the traffic and then having to dash across the road to avoid the fast-moving vehicles. This is dangerous and is an accident waiting to happen.”

His petition has the support of Rushcliffe Ramblers, Notts Area Ramblers, Notts Footpath Preservation Society, Notts CTC (Cycling UK), Pedals Nottingham Cycle Campaign, the British Horse Society, Nottinghamshire Local Access Forum, Ridewise and Holme Pierrepont Running Club in addition to the many individuals who’ve added their names.

Among them, Sue Davis comments: “As a cyclist (my only mode of transport), any improvement for safety is imperative. If you make routes safe, people will use them. Encourage more use for a healthier nation and a healthier planet.”  Angela Dobie says: “The tunnel is the safer solution but it gets very wet during the winter months and access to it on the West Bridgford side becomes a quagmire.”  Phil Clarke adds: “I regularly walk between Ruddington and Sharphill Woods and the A52 underpass is a lifeline which needs to be improved and kept fit for purpose.”

The current A52 pedestrian underpass (circled) which campaigners would like to see upgraded

The lack of a designated, safe cycleway for pupils from Ruddington to get to and from Rushcliffe School was flagged with Nottinghamshire County Council last year by Ruddington Borough Councillors and Pedals. However, they had to concede their original idea would need further work after an email from Paul Hillier, the Principal Officer on the council’s LTP and Travel Planning, explained the underpass is not high enough for mounted cyclists. As a result, Highways England (HE) has previously refused to consider officially opening it up for cycle use. There would be similar difficulties for horse riders. The authority has also admitted that safe crossings of the A52 are not within the scope of the main A52 Nottingham Junctions project. Instead HE will apply for funding to undertake a feasibility study looking at options. However, this study is subject to receiving this funding and apparently will not happen this year.

Mr Fenton says this is just not good enough: “We want to stress the need for urgent action and that the project is given absolute priority. Please support our petition to Highways England and the local Councils asking them to make these rights of way safe as part of the major developments planned for this area. Lives are at risk. The A52 is a major barrier between us and the countryside.”

You can find his online petition to Highways England >>HERE<<.

{Top photograph by Paul Fenton}

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