Flawforth Lane’s Unplanned Partial Closure

The ongoing Ruddington highways project which began in July 2023 – to improve the layout and install or reconfigure utility connections at the busy Kirk Lane/Loughborough Road/Flawforth Lane crossroads – has entered its next phase earlier than expected.

Following complaints from long-suffering residents and motorists, faced with frequent long queues through 4-way temporary traffic lights, early last month we reported the good news that the total closure of Flawforth Lane would only be actioned for around three weeks, from 2nd April until 26th April, rather than the three months planned originally. The not so good news from VIA East Midlands today is that it’s been decided by Cadent Gas that a ‘partial’ road closure is required immediately (from Tuesday 19th March), affecting all vehicular traffic between the A60 and Flawforth Avenue (heading out of Ruddington).  Eastbound drivers have suddenly found themselves needing to go on a significant diversionary route (shown on the map below) although westbound traffic into our village can still progress through the temporary traffic lights for now.

This temporary ‘one-way system’ means residents and businesses along Flawforth Lane and Flawforth Avenue, and on the new Blacksmith’s Green estate, are faced with a long detour via the A60 and A52 to get back to their properties from Loughborough Road or our village centre. From 2nd April it’s planned that a total road closure will still be put in place, making the situation even worse.

Whilst this pipe diversion work by Cadent Gas will only continue through until Friday 26th April, it’s now anticipated all the necessary reconfiguration of the junction won’t be completed until Friday 11th October 2024 – fifteen months after work first began.

Motorists can continue to expect queues like this at peak times along Loughborough Road until October. {Photos by Paul Witney}

RUDDINGTON.info will endeavour to bring you details of additional or rescheduled village roadworks liable to cause disruption as and when we receive them.

{PLEASE NOTE: The information above is subject to potential change and updates due to the weather and other operational reasons. We will provide timely revisions, here on our website, whenever we can.  LAST UPDATE: Tuesday 21st March 2024.}

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