A Cumberland Close Compromise?

New proposals to resolve access issues for residents in a Ruddington cul-de-sac, whilst still enabling some parking there for those who need it, have been put out for consultation.

As RUDDINGTON.info reported in August, after numerous complaints about inconsiderate parking and damage to vehicles, there was a previous consultation by Via East Midlands (on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council) which proposed prohibiting all parking on Cumberland Close between 9am and 5pm every day. This caused dismay among some residents and businesses along Easthorpe Street who have no off-street parking of their own – with one villager even saying she’d have to move house if it was implemented.

To address these local concerns, Cumberland Close residents submitted their own alternative proposals which, as shown below, Via has taken on board and more or less adopted as its new plan – but adding in a short section of extra double-yellows in the turning area at the top:

Steph Walford, Highways Improvements Co-Ordinator at Via East Midlands, explains: “Following consideration of the responses received during the previous consultation period, the proposals for waiting restrictions on Cumberland Close have been revised. These revisions are designed to address the ongoing issue with obstructive parking, whilst retaining some sections of unrestricted Highway for on-street parking. It is proposed to extend the existing ‘No Waiting At Any Time’ restrictions (Double Yellow Lines) along the whole length of the east side of Cumberland Close and to include the turning head at the top of the Close.”

Cllr Walker

Cumberland Close residents’ spokesperson, Gary Choo, says: “I am relieved that Via has listened to our proposals. This application was only ever to address inconsiderate parking on the Close. This has caused damage and access issues to the residents around the area. We have also asked for the restrictions to be monitored and enforced as appropriate.”

One of Ruddington’s Rushcliffe Borough Councillors, Cllr Jen Walker, who originally helped flag the residents’ predicament with Nottinghamshire County Council, adds: “Inconsiderate parking is a problem throughout the village so it was wonderful to help and to get some results for the residents that live at Cumberland Close. I really hope we can make similar changes in other problem locations and would encourage residents to get in touch with our County Councillors about any other issues you may have.”

Meantime, Mrs Walford continues: “Any observations on these proposals should reach me in writing, either by letter or email, by 19th November 2021.  If your comments are in the form of an objection to the proposals, please clearly state this and the reasons for your objection.”


Improvements Manager,
Via East Midlands,
Major Projects and Improvements,
Bilsthorpe Business Park,
Eakring Road,
NG22 8ST



All the documents relating to this proposal can be inspected at Ruddington Library on Church Street or viewed online by visiting the County Council’s website >>HERE<<.

{Cumberland Close photos courtesy of Gary Choo & Lee Merrin}

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