Have a #RuddyGood Clean Air Day!

It’s Clean Air Day this Thursday the 20th June – when we’re encouraged to find out more about air pollution, share information with friends and colleagues, and help make the atmosphere cleaner and healthier for everyone.

If you can walk or cycle to work or school that’s the cleanest way of all. Otherwise travelling by bus is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to go – especially now that Ruddington’s Nottingham City Transport (NCT) services are greener than ever.

New Green 10 Bio-Gas buses were introduced in our village almost two years’ ago. They emit 84% less CO2 and hardly any particulate matters (soot) or NOX whilst their fuel comes from recycling food and farm waste through anaerobic digestion. This avoids damaging methane gas being emitted into the atmosphere.

Also, over the last 12 months, NCT has upgraded its entire fleet of Ruddington Navy 3 buses to the latest more stringent Euro VI standards, resulting in tailpipe emissions which are claimed to be 90 per cent cleaner than their previous Euro V standard – so making them compliant with a future Clean Air Zone.

NCT adds: “All our drivers have completed training on ‘safe and efficient driving’ which includes techniques on driving a bus which uses the least amount of fuel. We also have telematics on all of our buses which monitor driving standards and we feed performance back to drivers on their braking, acceleration and speed. This gives a more comfortable ride for customers, but also reduces fuel usage. Drivers also turn off the engines when they aren’t needed, to save fuel, cut down on fumes and to keep the noise down! Our newest buses also switch off automatically if idle for too long.”

NCT is running a Clean Air Day competition to win an annual Easyrider pass which you can enter >>HERE<< before midnight this Thursday. Good luck!

If you’re visiting Ruddington for pleasure, see our ideas for a #RuddyGoodDayOut – and don’t forget to check out June’s #RUDDYGOODOFFERS at all >>THESE<< independent Ruddington retailers!

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