Big Increase in Fly-Tipping Fines

A Ruddington nature reserve is one of the recent sites blighted by fly-tippers which has led to a fine being served against the offenders.

The contents of this illegal dump in the entrance to Wilwell Farm Cutting on Wilford Road (pictured above) were sufficient for investigators to trace their source and so identify the culprits. Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC) reports that its action on rogue fly-tippers has increased hugely in Rushcliffe since the beginning of 2021 – with over 70 fixed penalty notices given out to those found blighting local spots with domestic or commercial waste.

It follows RBC’s partnership with Waste Investigations Support & Enforcement (WISE) which sought to build on its existing tools to find and fine or prosecute those who flout the rules as part of even more focus on tackling the nuisance issue. Over previous years Ruddington had seen numerous fly-tipping incidents (some pictured below) where those responsible were not always identified. However it seems that situation has now changed and criminals are no longer getting away with it.

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Since January their environmental enforcement service has been operating across the Borough seven days a week, investigating where the waste has come from. The marked increase on fines is attributed to thorough searches on items linked to properties and individuals. It compares with just five fines administered in the previous six months before the partnership.

New bins and signage from the Council also now instruct motorists to ‘bin it, don’t dump it’ at lay-bys in the area, backing up continued surveillance on trade waste and household items being dumped on roads and verges and monitoring sites to catch those in the act.

Cllr Rob Inglis

Residents and businesses are reminded to check that any company or individual they employ to dispose of their waste holds the relevant Trade Waste Carriers’ licence to avoid their unwanted goods contributing to fly-tips. This can be completed by them showing the relevant licence in person and checking it with the Environment Agency’s listings of registered businesses >>HERE<<.

RBC’s Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Environment and Safety, Councillor Rob Inglis, says: “The message is clear, we will not tolerate fly-tipping anywhere in Rushcliffe and we will continue to take action against persons who do not dispose of their waste responsibly. Fly-tippers are warned that we are taking this very seriously and by our various monitoring means we will take more positive action and prosecute from any evidence gathered and that includes seizing the vehicles involved.”

He adds: “Residents have a huge part to play too by always checking that anyone they pay to take items away from their home is a registered waste carrier by requesting to view the appropriate Environment Agency licence. Please be our extra eyes and ears and report any suspicious activity.”

You can read more about fly-tipping on the Council’s website >>HERE<<.

One of RBC’s new fly-tipping signs

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