How to Make Your Property More Appealing

If you’ve got your house up for sale, a Ruddington estate agent has revealed some top tips to help impress prospective purchasers.

Benwell Daykin strive to give your home maximum market exposure and get potential buyers to view your property. They do this through a proactive marketing strategy, tailored to your property, which may include:

  • Digital viewings
  • Virtual tours
  • 3D Floor plans
  • Professionally enhanced photographs
  • Extensive database of potential buyers

But what can YOU as the property owner do? Here are a few tips from Senior Valuer Nick Aston to assist you in ensuring your home meets buyer expectations and could lead to a quicker sale:

Benwell Daykin’s Nick Aston

In a market with more buyers than properties, it is extremely important that the potential for sale from any viewing is maximised. Buyers requirements and expectations have changed following the pandemic and buyers have become more discerning and demand a higher level of quality from any potential house purchase.

Where do you start? The best place is to put yourself in the mindset of a potential buyer, what would you expect?

First impressions – A potential buyer will immediately form an opinion on the property as a whole simply from first appearance, therefore it is important that the “kerb appeal” is evident. Compared to your neighbours property, make your home standout by ensuring the front lawn is mowed, hedges trimmed and driveway is litter free.

Through the door – Now that you have potential buyers through your front door, we need to try and seal the deal by ensuring that where possible all rooms are de-cluttered, bright and airy and free from any odours from food or pets.

Keep toiletries to a minimum in bathrooms, kids toys stored away in their bedrooms and where possible have your furry friends out for viewings, in case your viewers are allergic or not a pet person.

Presentation is key, as you may never get the opportunity to make a first impression!

Rear gardens – Present your garden as a relaxing haven, ensuring bushes and hedges are trimmed, the lawn short and furniture assembled.

Certificates – A lot of buyers ask to see certificates for boilers, electrical works and extensions, it is a good thing to have these to hand in case they ask to see them.

Nick says these tips could aid you in your efforts to find a buyer quickly and also aid you in maximising your achievable sale price. Remember, first impressions!

Would you like to know what your property is worth? For a free, no obligation valuation you can call the Benwell Daykin team on 0115 990 2007, email or pop into their offices on Ruddington’s High Street to organise a visit from Nick.

Benwell Daykin’s offices at 12, High Street

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