All Artex Lorries to be Powered by Vegetable Oil

By the end of 2023, the full Artex HGV fleet will run on hydro-treated vegetable oil (HVO). HVO is a biofuel that originates from vegetable oils and reduces carbon emissions by 90% compared to diesel.

The Artex team, based on Pasture Lane here in Ruddington, have been running a trial on HVO throughout 2022, with five of their vehicles, and are delighted with the carbon reductions they’ve seen as a result of the trial. It’s been so successful that they are now working to transition to HVO across their whole fleet – and are also supporting the local council to run their own HVO trail with their bin lorries.

As well as the benefits of reduced carbon emissions, the transition to HVO will have a huge benefit for our local community. The emissions produced by HVO are much cleaner, emitting less nitrous oxides into the air to improve air quality, meaning cleaner air in Ruddington for local residents.

On top of reviewing their HGV’s, Artex have also committed to transitioning their company car fleet to be fully electric/hybrid by the end of 2023. They have already replaced their pool cars on site with electric vehicles, giving their colleagues a sustainable way to travel whilst at work.

Their ultimate commitment is to be net-zero carbon on site by 2024, and they’ve implemented a number of initiatives to help them achieve this:

Find out more about sustainability at Artex on their website or follow them on LinkedIn for regular updates.

The Artex site down Pasture Lane

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