132 Per Cent Rise in Antisocial Behaviour in Ruddington?

New statistics just published by Nottinghamshire Police indicate the number of reported incidents of ‘antisocial behaviour’ in our village shot up by 132 per cent during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Figures from the past twelve months of COVID-19 restrictions and ‘lockdowns’ show Ruddington’s increase was second only to the Ashfield District of Nottinghamshire – leading to alarmist stories in some local news media. However, thankfully for us, it seems this does not give an accurate picture. In fact, for the whole year, the number of reported cases rose from just 83 to 193 in Ruddington when compared with the previous 12 months. This is much lower than most areas of the county – equating to less than four reports a week.

Moreover, Police point out that new COVID legislation created offences that didn’t exist before the pandemic. For example, concerned Ruddington residents calling 101 to report others ‘congregating’ illegally, people not wearing face masks, or not properly observing ‘social distancing’ are now all classed as reports of ‘antisocial behaviour’.

Inspector Mark Dickson of Nottinghamshire Police says: “The majority of the increase is down to reporting of COVID legislation breaches, such as people gathering indoors. During ‘lockdown’ people have been staying in their own communities a lot more so that is where more of the incidents have been taking place. Most of these relate to us recording offences that would not have been illegal in the previous year.”

Villagers can gain further reassurance from the latest Ruddington Crime Statistics for last month, just released by Rushcliffe Police.  These again indicate a low number of incidents reported to them via 101 between 1st March and 31st March 2021 – although do include the previously reported deliberate scratching of several parked cars along Elms Park:

  • March 21st – Theft – Unknown suspects entered Avant Homes’ compound on Asher Lane and stole a diesel road roller.
  • March 21st & 31st – Drive offs – Two separate vehicles committed at the Loughborough Road petrol station.
  • Criminal Damage to vehicles – Nine reported incidents of cars being ‘keyed’ on Elms Park/Stevenson and Harvey Close on the same evening of March 31st. A separate incident of vehicles being damaged was reported within the Bloor Homes site on Wilford Road, overnight on March 28th.
  • March 31st – Burglary – Reported at an unoccupied property on North Road.
  • March 31st – Theft of pushbikes – Two cycles stolen from Rushcliffe Country Park.
One of the damaged cars on Elms Park.   {Photo by Paul Witney}

How criminals managed to drive off undetected down Asher Lane in a large, diesel road roller is also causing some bemusement!

If you have further information about any of the above offences, or may have captured CCTV footage which could help, you’re asked to call Nottinghamshire Police on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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