Cox’s Family Fun Fair in Ruddington

Sellors’ Playing Field will once again come alive with music and laughter at the end of July with the arrival of Ruddington “Wakes”.

This year’s traditional family fun fair beside Wilford Road, run as always by Cox’s Amusements, takes place from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th of July. It’s now celebrating over fifty years on this site!

The event itself actually dates back one hundred years, when the St Peter’s Feast was the start of the school holidays in the village, around the 29th of June. “The Wakes” were then held on The Green but, since 1968, have taken place each year on Sellors’ Recreation Ground.

David Cox (Senior) is the fourth generation of his family to be involved with this annual event. He told “It started with my great, great grandfather who’d been a miner and was just visiting the fair. When one of the rides went wrong his engineering skills meant he could fix it – and so they asked him to join. And he did!

“I remember being part of the fair on The Green,” David recalls. “I actually got married in Ruddington at St Peter’s Church – in 1977 – so I look forward to visiting every year. It’s a lovely little village. Now MY kids are part of the fair, too!”

New attractions this year include the ‘Jungle Swing Ride’ and ‘Runaway Train’ alongside old favourites such as the dodgems, waltzer and all the usual side stalls, games, food and refreshments.

Setting up begins on Monday (22nd July) ready to open the rides and attractions at 6.00pm on Thursday 25th.  As usual the fun fair will be here for four days – and also opens at 6pm on Friday then 2pm on Saturday and Sunday.  There’s a link to discount vouchers from Cox’s Amusements giving you 50p off fairground rides >>HERE<< or by clicking on the poster below.

If you live further afield, there’s FREE onsite parking. Or you can catch Nottingham City Transport’s Navy 3 bus service direct to the fair (alighting at Paget Crescent – except on Sunday). The Green 10 takes you to the village centre and back in the evenings and on Sunday.

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