Christmas Tree Shredding

If you’ve got a real Christmas tree this year which you’d like to be rid of and recycled after Twelfth Night then please read on…

Ruddington Parish Council is again offering a tree collection and shredding service for our village – and has extended the deadline by which you need to let them know to midday on Friday 4th January 2019. Please just email or ‘phone their office on 0115 914 6660 by this time – making sure you give your address and your contact details.

RPC says: “As the number of trees to be shredded keeps on growing, we’re once again spreading the collection over two days. On Monday 7th January, we’ll collect trees from houses on the Clifton Road side of Wilford Road, High Street, The Green and Asher Lane (i.e. to the left of the black line shown on the map). On Tuesday 8th, we’ll collect from houses on the Loughborough Road side of these streets (to the right of the black line).”

You’re asked to leave your tree out before 9am on the relevant day so the Parish Council Groundstaff team can collect and shred it.

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