Educational Gifts for All Ruddington Eleven Year Olds

Do you live in Ruddington and have a son or daughter with a birthday between 1st September 2008 and 31st August 2009 who attends a school outside the Parish? If so, they’re still eligible for three special gifts!

It’s all thanks to James Peacock – who was born in Ruddington around 1585 before leaving for London when he was 14 years old as an apprentice to leather merchant Thomas Smith. James became a very successful businessman but, when he died in 1641, he had no children to leave his fortune to.

James Peacock School today

Consequently, in his will, James left money to help the sick and poor. He also left a farmhouse in Ruddington to be used as a school and house for the schoolmaster and appointed Trustees to manage his legacy.  With an ever increasing population, schooling in our village has changed and evolved to the present day arrangement with a new Infant and Nursery school being built on land adjacent to Manor Park in 1967 which has kept James Peacock’s name. However, centuries later, The James Peacock Educational Foundation continues his legacy as a Charitable Trust. Each child who’s resident in Ruddington is eligible, at the age of 11 years, to receive a gift from the Trust. These days it’s in the form of a book, a calculator and a Thesaurus. {The spectacles are not included! – Ed.}

The Foundation’s secretary Kate Robertson explains: “The Trustees of the James Peacock Educational Foundation are aware of the eligible children attending St Peter’s School, but don’t have details of those young people living in the village but attending schools elsewhere. We’d like to ensure that all eligible young people in Ruddington receive their gift from the Foundation. So, if you’re aware of a child born between these dates, then please make a written application giving their name, date of birth and and the school they attend.”

You should apply by emailing or by post to:-

Mrs K Robertson,
15a Kirk Lane,
NG11 6NN

Please note that applications must be in no later than Monday, 22nd June 2020. (Unfortunately any applications received after this date cannot be considered – so please act soon.)

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