‘Handmade in Rudd’

That’s the name of a new Facebook Group specifically for makers and buyers of local, handmade items in our village.

It’s been set up both for the benefit of those who live in Ruddington, and produce homemade items themselves, and for residents who like to buy handmade products whilst shopping locally at the same time.

The group’s creator, Liz Corder, says: “I was thinking about how it’s nice to shop local and that there must be a lot of creative people in Ruddington. I put a post on Ruddington Mums – and it turns out that a lot of people were interested!  So I created a Facebook page.”

Only people who live in Ruddington can actually sell items: “This is because it’s meant to support local shopping” explains Liz. “But anyone can become a member of the page if they are interested. If people have an Etsy page or their own Facebook page, etc, then we can share that along with pictures of their makes. These can be any items at all as long as they are handmade.”

Equally, if sellers just have a few pieces, or if they just want to share pictures of what they have made, Liz is happy for them to post in the group. “We can also advertise local workshops and courses (restrictions permitting) and basically anything creative/crafty. It is very exciting to see what the people of Ruddington can do” says Liz.

Fellow Ruddington crafters Sophie Kitchin and Leia Morales are helping Liz with the administration of this new Facebook group, which has already attracted 147 members in just ten days!

If you’d like to see what it is all about you can visit www.facebook.com/groups/handmadeinrudd.

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