Flawforth Lane Closed After Diesel Spill

Motorists are unable to use Flawforth Lane in and out of Ruddington today following an incident just after midnight at the A52/A606 Wheatcroft Roundabout.

Highways England said it was “due to an extensive diesel spillage. The A52 will need partly resurfacing.” The A52 was closed westbound between the A606 and the A60 for several hours overnight, but the agency reported it was partly reopened just before the morning rush hour today: “Lane 2 of two lanes is now flowing past the spillage and therefore the A52 is partly open.”

However it warns: “Flawforth Lane will remain closed. This is likely to remain until this evening at which point the A52 will be closed to resurface the carriageway.”

An update on roadworks.org suggests delays are possible throughout today (Thursday 6th June 2019) with the work not due to be completed until around 8 o’clock tonight and our local diversions remaining in force.

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