Rushcliffe Country Park Wildlife Watch Group

9th November 2019 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Education Centre
Rushcliffe Country Park
Mere Way, Ruddington NG11 6JS
Suggested £3 Donation
Geoff East
07804 297041

Are you 8 to 13 years old? Interested in nature exploration and discovery, games and practical activities with other young people?

Then go and join in the fun!

Rushcliffe Country Park Wildlife Watch Group usually get together on the 2nd Saturday of every month, from 11.00am to 1.00pm, whatever the weather. Please meet up at the Education Room in Rushcliffe Country Park.

2019 Events

Sat 14th Jan – ‘Something to Crow About?
Discover the secret world of our corvids. Ever wondered where Magpies stash their treasure?Prepare to be Choughed.

Sat 9th Feb – ‘Nature’s Abundance’
How do humans benefit from nature’s stores? Be amazed by where our everyday foods and textiles come from.

Sat 9th Mar – Provisional activity – ‘Science in the Park’
Suggest you join us at Wollaton Park from 11:00 am until 4:00pm. Your feedback on this proposal would be welcomed.

Sat 13th Apr – ‘Park Homes for Rent’
Design a creature comfort, furnish a ‘des res’ for a bug, view where an upwardly mobile pair of swans might choose to live.

Sat 11th May – ‘Plants in the Park’
Discover the secret world of plants in our park. Ever wondered what makes a plant wild? When is a weed a flower?

Sat 8th Jun – ‘Dipping Deeply’
See what’s lurking below the surface in the park’s ponds. Come face to face with scary monsters. It’s part of NWT’s “30 Days Wild”.

Sat 13th Jul – ‘Buzzy Bees’
This one will be a hive of activity! Join them for a Waggle Dance. See these vital pollinators creating a buzz around our Country Park.

Sat 14th September – ‘Terrific Trees’
Go and join their tree Identity Parade. Who’s bark is worse than their bite? Press a leaf, hug a trunk or nobble a nut. Fun for tree lovers.

Sat 12th October – ‘Nature’s Nosh’
Go and find out what our wild friends eat.. Who prefers slug to a nut , or worm to a weevil? Fun and games in Ladybird Wood.

Sat 9th November – ‘Bashful Badgers’
Meet Brock and his family. Enjoy some badger cuisine and fine dining. Find out what Brock’s relations do and where they live.

Sat 14th December – ‘Celebrating 2019 – Extravaganza Party’
Who has a change of clothes or holidays? Who visits? What happens abroad? Party games, food, fun – what more could you wish for?

Members and non-members are welcome. Under-8’s must be accompanied by an adult.

Please go dressed for the weather!

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