Village Mum’s Breastfeeding Ban Makes National News!

The plight of a Ruddington mother who was turned away from a speed awareness course because she took along her six week old baby has hit the national headlines.

Sarah Oakes’ story was first featured on the regional BBC News programme East Midlands Today and in The Nottingham Post yesterday (18th November) before being picked up and published in today’s Mirror Newspaper.

They reported how Mrs Oakes chose to attend the class, rather than taking the penalty points and paying the fine, after being caught driving at 36mph in a 30mph zone in June. However, when she turned up to attend the DriveTech course in Beeston last week with her newborn son she learned that children under 16 are not permitted in the class room. She was told she would need someone to sit with the baby outside the room and could leave the course to breastfeed whenever necessary. But 38 year old Sarah, who lives in our village, didn’t have anyone available to help her on Friday and so had to head home instead.

The Mirror said that the mum-of-two found the incident “quite distressing” and “actively discriminated against breastfeeding”. Defending its decision, DriveTech said its terms and conditions state that specific requirements, which includes breastfeeding, need to be mentioned at the time of booking. Rooms are then provided for mums to breastfeed so long as a second person is able to attend to look after the baby between feeds.

Unfortunately, Sarah will now have to rebook the course or accept her three points and £100 fine.

Sarah with her baby son in The Next Episode

You can read the full story in the Daily Mirror >>HERE<< and via Nottinghamshire Live >>HERE<<.

{Images courtesy of Sarah Oakes/BPM MEDIA}

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