Bus Operator’s Appy Customers

Ruddington’s main public transport provider is celebrating another accolade – this time for the way it keeps passengers informed via their mobile devices.

Nottingham City Transport runs our Navy 3 and Green 10 buses, along with the weekend N48 NightBus. A new survey by Passenger Transport Magazine of 85 bus-based apps highlights that, with a rating of 4.8 (out of 5) from over 6,000 reviews, the NCTX Buses app scores highest across the country!

Launched in December 2016, NCT’s app is now used by hundreds of thousands of bus travellers each week for journey planning, timetables, checking service updates, live bus times and mobile ticketing. Mobile ticketing has revolutionised paying for bus travel, with almost half of NCT’s all day tickets now purchased using the app instead of cash.

NCT’s Marketing Manager Anthony Carver-Smith is delighted by the findings of the survey, and said: “It is testament to our long term partnership with our app and web partner, ‘Passenger’, that our customers are using and benefiting from the best bus app in the country. We have exciting enhancements coming over the next year, which will make our app even more useful for customers.”

The latest NCTX App in ‘Dark Mode’

In fact, a new ‘Dark Mode’ has just been introduced to help reduce the feeling of vulnerability that some users can feel when using their phones in the dark at the bus stop. By significantly reducing the brightness of the screen through switching to the Dark Mode, it will be less obvious to others that travellers are using a mobile phone.

Dark Mode is now supported by Android 10 and iOS 13 operating systems and can also make it easier to use the app at the start and end of the day. This is by reducing screen glare in low light conditions, helping users who suffer from eye fatigue. The additional contrast also makes the app easier to use for passengers with longer-term sight issues.

Mr Carver-Smith adds: “With the clocks going back, bringing darker nights, the reduction in screen brightness not only helps with eye fatigue, but also helps customers feel safer using their smartphones in the dark”.

Coming soon, new readers being fitted to NCT buses for the forthcoming introduction of contactless payments will include bar code reading for mobile tickets, allowing an expansion of the ticketing range available on the app to including longer term tickets, too.

NCT says simplification and auto-verification of student and under 19 customers, along with ‘live buses’ – showing where all buses are on a map view – are also in development.

The NCTX Buses app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

NCT’s Navy 3

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